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Can you reply my msg ??!!!
You no mood ? Your phone no money ? You busy ? You forget reply me ? You slp jor ? You dun wan reply me ? l dunno !!! 
When you dun reply me, i wil think many excuse 让我自己开心 !! 
You wan see ur mood sin reply me ? You got mood 就吊 9 我 ? You no mood 就吊我都傻 ? i noe ! u not hapi at dis new year and ur b'day ! So ? DUN THINK TOO MUCH !!!
I noe you dun hv family 疼 you, care you, care ur feeling ! But, you stil got many many fren to 疼 you, care you, care ur feeling !! l noe you not so 幸福 ! but, dun sad ! You can 幸福 de !! So, plz treasure ur fren and ur family now !!! and DUN THINK TOO MUCH adi !! Plz be hapi at dis year !!!! l dun wan saw you not hapi !! Juz 尽量 dun think too much and be hapi !!! Okay ? Hope you can do it !!



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